A 360 Video Demo

In advance of my trip to NAB, I created this demo of the video light, which is the first concept I developed. This was also the first time using my new “somewhat custom” 360 camera rig. For optimum video quality for 360/VR, multiple cameras still yield the best resolution currently. Far more than 2 lens […]

Introducing 360 Event Photography

Last October I had a fantastic opportunity to test my CL360 at a public event. A member of the committee was intrigued at my 360 photography, and thought it would be good to try at this big local fundraising event–a cocktail party in a historic poured-concrete museum. An environment typical at what a photog would […]

The Day has Arrived!

Very excited today, as my self-imposed “launch date” has arrived! The official launch of my efforts to build a better mousetrap–in this case a production lighting instrument. Two years of development, applying for a patent, 3D printing prototypes. Making mistakes, do-overs, learning new skills……and I’m ready! Introducing the “CL360,” a specialized lighting instrument for the […]

Bucks Fever Film Festival VR Panel Discussion

I was honored to be asked to be part of a panel discussion on emerging 360/VR technology, and how to use it to tell a story. This was the first time I presented the CL360 in a public forum.  Many smart people working in different aspects of VR/360. Had a fun time talking about my […]

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