I know it has been a long time since the last post. There has been a lot happening with my own career this past year. I have been busy building a local business! After two decades as a mobile broadcast engineer, I have decided to build my own video production-tech business in my local region (Philadelphia, PA suburbs). TebWeb Innovations LLC encompasses several niches of video tech that I have skillsets in, to create content using unique tools.

On top of that, the first manufacture prototype produced did not yield the result I was expecting. I was disappointed in what the company came up with. I was also realizing that the amount of funding needed to continue development was becoming daunting. I have been funding this myself through stock funds, but those resources are not limitless.

I have also realized that once it is manufactured, that I have limited resources for how to distribute it, market it, warranty it, etc, etc, etc.  I have reached the point of realizing how much still needs to be done---things I cannot do myself. Chalk it up to a massive learning experience. 

What's next......

What I am back to doing, which I realize I should have stayed with....is selling or licensing of the patent to an entity that is geared with finances and resources to be able to bring this concept to market. I realize there are still limited options out there in the marketplace--one of the reasons I obtained the patent.  Aside from the patent offering exclusivity, there are many drawings, concepts, circuit layouts, etc. for the "Photo Flash" capabilities many are interested in.

Some of the initial groundwork has already been laid. I would love to talk to patent investors, new product innovators, and those looking to invest in a product for a niche photography market.  A very dedicated and supportive niche from what I've observed.

Thank you!

I wish I was able to bring this out myself.  Being "the engineer type," we like to try things ourselves! But engineers also are guided by reality. And the reality for myself is that I am skilled at creating things.....not marketing them.   That is better suited for someone who has the resources, knowledge....and finances....to bring an idea into a sellable product. As I pursue those contacts, I most likely will not be able to offer up immediate details right away, but still hopeful that there will be a place someday for the CL360.  Certainly, any contacts anyone has would be much appreciated, and could help to get the product finally out there.

Until next update........

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