Now that it is over, reflection time on how attending this event can help with the future of the CL360. I did show the product to a contact I’ve previously been in communication with. Was great to visit them at their booth. Other potential contacts simply didn’t have a presence there this year unfortunately. But the “innovation vibe” of walking around amongst all the companies and individuals and startups with their own products, gave me more inspiration.

Part of that inspiration was making me realize more potential outlets for my patented process—not just 360 photography/video. As I develop those new ideas, you will see them here.

Eureka Park was bigger and busier than I expected. This was the area where startups and higher learning institutions promote their works. I found inspiration in finding people at the same level as where the CL360 currently is, and some didn’t have patent status. In particular I spent a lot of time talking to the head of a Norwegian startup—BlackBeast Pro, a supercharged laptop docking station.

They had a simple booth. And their product exists as three 3D printed prototypes. We both noticed commonality between how we built our prototypes. Different for them is that they just started a Kickstarter campaign with plans of doing their own mass production. With the CL360 the plan is to license the patent with possibly several companies who can handle the production under their own brand name. Should the CL360 go Kickstarter and do it’s own production? I welcome comments about this. A Eureka Park situation, but at a conference more dedicated to photography and video might be in the future. It was a very useful conversation to have with Tobias from BlackBeast Pro, and I wish him and his team much success!

Also at Eureka Park, I attended a great session with an insightful panel of diverse startups who are making their ideas work. “Building a Startup: Founders’ Stories” talked about the struggles, highs and lows the panelists went through in their journeys. One couldn’t pay her team for three months—they all stuck it out….and are now succeeding. Very inspiring to hear this. You have to use each experience to support your drive to keep pushing toward your goal.

Well attended—full seating for “Building a Startup”

And now, ending with this inspiration I found in Eureka Park—and getting back to work using new found knowledge.

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