After two and a half days on the floor, I still haven’t seen all of it, but I certainly found things that caught my attention, gave me chills, or otherwise made me go WOW! Here are some of them:

Holographic signage

I saw the most mentions of this in my Twitter feed. Phone video just doesn’t do this justice, due to the flicker. In person, these images “float in midair.” All done by means of quickly spinning fan blades with light shining through them. They can combine an array of “fans” to make larger displays. I first saw this at CES17, but seeing it now—it’s ready for prime time! I suspect you’ll see this soon.

This was interesting—a multi purpose gimbal camera. Attach your phone to it for a viewfinder and control, and use the strap to hand hold it like a camera—but with a gimbal for stabilization. OR…mount it to a tripod and it auto follows the subject using automated tracking. OR….attached its arms to it, and it’s a drone! Attach the housing, and it’s a fully waterproof drone! It was a finalist in “Best of CES.”

I first walked by this on day one, and completely misunderstood what it was. After seeing it in my feeds, I went back. Incredible yet scary at the same time. These are they early concept of what will be digital personal assistants. They are all AI generated “people” who will eventually be able to interact with humans. They will eventually be able to learn and adapt in real time. These early avatars (Neons, as the developers call them), are based on real models. Future ones will be all unique “persons,” where no two will be the same. I talked with one of the developers, and mentioned the movie “Her.” Yes, he’s seen it, and knows of the similarities. They are actually keeping a psychology perspective as they develop this—realizing the potential for humans to have issues with AI assistants. Fascinating, and equally frightening thinking of the way this tech can be abused.

Collaboration of Hyundai and Uber – a passenger drone

I stumbled upon this not knowing it was here. This gave me chills for sure. The future of transportation: the world’s first passenger drone. I’ve heard they expect this ready for regular use by 2023–not too far away! What a thrill to be among the first to see it in person!

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