An unexpected run in with an icon from my past. I was waiting in an extremely long bus line to go to Eureka Park at CES, when near me was a DJ playing songs and telling people to stop by and meet him. That DJ was Mark Goodman—one of MTV’s first VJ’s. I am the MTV generation, so how could I pass this up? So I got my 360 camera ready, left the bus line, and said hi! He was very friendly and personable. I told him I wanted to take a 360 pic, and he and his assistant loved seeing this. Here is a flattened image:

Demoing my 360 camera to an MTV veteran.

Then his assistant asked if I would pose for their promotional pics they were taking of visitors. It was for Ford. Here it is below. Pretty cool, as the “mustang” I held was this flimsy thing with a few reflective pieces of tape on it. The software made this look, and it was instant.

So, was it worth having to lose my place in the long line? Absolutely!

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