Spent about two hours today after a lot of travel. This is my second CES, and like the first one, overwhelming in its size. I’m not sure it’s possible to take in “everything” that is here—it’s that big. Still, I did get a taste of some things. Today just at South Hall. Just some of what I saw this first afternoon.

I found this an interesting concept: a 360 camera for personal use. You wear it around your neck. It uses three cameras and records 4K video. I looked at samples through a headset—interesting true first person view. Like your eyes are on someone else’s body. Pretty neat I thought!

Drones keep growing their presence here as they become more ubiquitous. With the recent coverage of drones being used more for outdoor shows-replacing fireworks, there were lots of “swarming drones” on display (that’s what they’re known as). All very small. DJI, the behemoth of drone manufacturers worldwide, has a big presence here.

Ending the day with——dancing robots! I’ll probably revisit the robots later. A growing presence, and multi tasking from cleaning to healthcare assistance, to education.


    • luminator360


      That’s today and tomorrow to find out. First day being a travel day I wanted to settle in first. What I saw was just a small fraction of the show.

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