Made it to Las Vegas. A place for winning……or losing. I’m not a gambler, so that part of Vegas just doesn’t appeal to me. I am here gambling, however. I am here at CES 2020 carrying my patented prototype around with the hopes to attract interest in it. Will my “gamble” pay off? My ideal hope is to find someone to license the patent—a manufacturer whom I can work with to help get this to the 360 photo/video/vr market. A small, but quickly growing worldwide niche. Manufacturers keep developing new camera tech—cameras are getting smaller but more powerful, with more resolution. They still are missing that important component for good photography: lighting. My product is that solution. And here it brings my to CES—the largest consumer technology show in the world.

My “Good Luck” cake from girlfriend before leaving on an early flight. Luck will be a good thing to possess in Las Vegas.

Just got my credentials, time to get my bearings and get busy. Here we go!

Guarding this with my life – the CL360 Photo Flash

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