CES 2021 is Here!

It is finally here–CES 2021, in an all digital format due to the pandemic. I attended in person last year, so this is quite the unexpected contrast. This year however, the CL360 is exhibiting at CES.  If you are attending, look us up at “CL360” this Tuesday & Wednesday Jan 12-13. The Hero Image that […]

Personal takeaways from CES 2020

Now that it is over, reflection time on how attending this event can help with the future of the CL360. I did show the product to a contact I’ve previously been in communication with. Was great to visit them at their booth. Other potential contacts simply didn’t have a presence there this year unfortunately. But […]

Some of my favorite tech from CES

After two and a half days on the floor, I still haven’t seen all of it, but I certainly found things that caught my attention, gave me chills, or otherwise made me go WOW! Here are some of them: I saw the most mentions of this in my Twitter feed. Phone video just doesn’t do […]

I Want My MTV!

An unexpected run in with an icon from my past. I was waiting in an extremely long bus line to go to Eureka Park at CES, when near me was a DJ playing songs and telling people to stop by and meet him. That DJ was Mark Goodman—one of MTV’s first VJ’s. I am the […]

First day on the floor

Spent about two hours today after a lot of travel. This is my second CES, and like the first one, overwhelming in its size. I’m not sure it’s possible to take in “everything” that is here—it’s that big. Still, I did get a taste of some things. Today just at South Hall. Just some of […]

Arrived at CES

Made it to Las Vegas. A place for winning……or losing. I’m not a gambler, so that part of Vegas just doesn’t appeal to me. I am here gambling, however. I am here at CES 2020 carrying my patented prototype around with the hopes to attract interest in it. Will my “gamble” pay off? My ideal […]

Getting Ready….

Prepping for the show, which is next week as I write this. I’m more comfortable wearing caps, and this is one place where branding yourself is important. So I ordered some caps! I will also have some extras with me, with the goal to hand out to interested folks. People at trade shows love free […]

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